Pre-K Fours

engaging determined learners

This is a French immersion pre-kindergarten program which encourages the children to communicate solely in French. The primary goal for this Pre-K year is to equip your child with the language skills necessary for them to have successful experiences in any French or bilingual Kindergarten classroom. The program further exposes your child to literacy, numeracy and plenty of opportunities to problem-solve. In this class, your child will increase social interactions with friends, learn to positively relate to others and begin to develop more complex forms of play and teamwork. As the necessary skills for success in Kindergarten develop, a genuine sense of pride in abilities and accomplishments will pursue.

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In the pre-K classroom, the children continue to work independently at activities from the five main areas of the Montessori classroom.

Practical Life

In the Practical Life section, the children learn to care for themselves and their environment – so extending their fine motor abilities, becoming even more independent and gaining an increased sense of self confidence. Weaving, sewing and tying laces are just a few examples of practical life exercises in this classroom.

Sensorial Section

By manipulating the materials in the Sensorial section, the children discover a variety of age-appropriate math concepts. Alongside this section, in the Math area, the children learn to work with quantities, to recognize numerals, and to eventually merge the two areas together to explore various math operations. The Sensorial section also acts as an indirect introduction to lessons in geometry and algebra.


In the Language section, the children work with specially designed manipulatives such as sandpaper letters and alphabet cut-outs and, through such physical manipulation, become readily able to internalize the lessons learned. These phonics-based materials gradually lead the children through a natural progression of writing and reading skills which build naturally upon one another.


In the Geography section, the children are introduced to the globe of the world, which they then gradually dismantle and explore continent by continent and, eventually, country by country.

Science and Culture

In the Science and Culture section, the children explore the Scientific Method through various hands-on projects, touching on topics such as Life Cycles, Recycling, and Objects in Motion. They also develop an understanding and an appreciation of the world around them by learning about the similarities and differences between communities, and by experiencing various cultures through photos, music and food.

Afternoon Activities

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