Tiny Tots

Inspiring inquisitive minds

As your child begins to explore the concept of cause and effect, to explore beginning language skills and to test physical and emotional boundaries, learning opportunities are provided in each area of development which encourage your child to assert his or her character in healthy and positive ways.

In the Tiny Tots program, children are introduced to, and supported through, their daily school routine. Expressing themselves with words and gestures, sitting through Circle Time, using classroom materials purposefully and productively, mastering the art of transitions, as well as autonomous feeding and self-care skills are all pertinent goals that the teachers guide the children through. In due course, the children are then introduced to the Montessori “Work Cycle”, where they learn to autonomously choose an activity, complete it, return it to its rightful place and to move on to their next activity.

The learning environment here includes shelf materials such as dressing frames, matching games, wooden blocks and a dramatic play corner. Through these age-appropriate activities, the children learn to develop responsible work habits that will last with them a lifetime. Our Orchard House Nurse visits the Tiny Tots classroom daily to stay connected to these fast-growing tots!