Afternoon Activities

Our enriched afternoon program complements the goals of our morning program by providing a variety of co-curricular activities for the children to choose from. These activities are directly linked to your child’s learning in the Montessori classroom, and allow all of those skills that have been previously introduced in isolation to be implemented and practiced in an authentic and social setting. It is in these afternoon activities that the children learn to pace themselves according to a group rhythm.

Our afternoon program offers a wide and alternating variety of activities that will allow your child to explore new skills and find new passions. The array of activities - offered by specialists both visiting and in-house - focuses on the development of the whole child, with a concentration on soul, body and mind.

Afternoon Activities

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Green Thumbs

Through garden play, the children learn about the natural world that surrounds them, acquiring science-based skills in a nature-friendly setting. As they roll up their sleeves, our budding horticulturists engage each of their senses and delve into topics such as soil, seeds, flowers and weeds. In the process, they increase their sense of empathy and their capacity to pay attention to detail.

Seed to Harvest

Garden play with older children encourages enquiry as our little horticulturalists use their observation, their reasoning and their communication skills to become environmentally-conscious learners. In this program, the children explore the life cycle of food systems, and touch on topics such as farming, food waste and farmers’ markets. Caring for our very own Nutritower hydroponic home gardening system, and growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, the children engage all of their senses – touching, smelling and tasting the fruits of their labour.

Orchard House Bites

Orchard House Bites offers children the opportunity to learn the artful skills of cooking before applying them to more creative recipes. In the comfort of the Orchard House Petits Chefs kitchen, the children are introduced to kitchen safety, health and nutrition. They learn about the five food groups through sensorial activities such as smelling, touching and tasting. In addition, our aspiring chefs have the opportunity to explore kitchen skills such as spreading, peeling, tearing and tossing. A wonderful culinary opportunity to create and be creative!

Top Chef

In their very own Petits Chefs kitchen, our young chefs welcome parents and other special guests to join them in preparing recipes related to our monthly themes. As they exercise their culinary skills, the children also work on developing fine motor dexterity through measuring, stirring, mixing, and kneading various foods.  All young chefs get to enjoy their concoctions at the end of each class (allergies are always cautiously taken into account). Bon Appetit!

Artists’ Studio

Here, the children are introduced to a new art medium each week and explore a variety of art techniques along the way. In the process, our young artists expand on their knowledge of shapes, patterns and textures, and explore different types of mediums including collage, painting and sculpting. In this class, the children not only strengthen their fine motor skills and their eye hand coordination, but they also unleash their budding creativity!

Little Picasso

The children are introduced to a selection of artists, as well as to their works of art and their art techniques. In this program, the children explore and experiment with a wide variety of two- and three-dimensional materials, they recreate and replicate famous works of art, and are encouraged to put their original spin on their masterpieces.

Crayon Creations

This introductory guided art class invites the children to explore drawing with different mediums and on different surfaces. Using the framework of open-ended art, as well as the use of stencils and mandalas, our aspiring artists learn to experiment with all types of lines: straight and curved, thick and thin, dark and light… In this class, the children also engage in observational drawing, and learn to follow verbal prompts.

Drawing Workshop

This guided art activity provides simple, step-by-step drawing instructions that serve as a spring board to the children’s inner creativity. Leaning on our monthly school themes for inspiration, and following helpful hints and suggestions from the teacher, the children discover the tools that allow them to transform their guided art work into their own personal masterpieces.

Community Helpers

Leaning on songs, stories and interactive games, our young friends learn about the roles and responsibilities of the different people who live and work in our neighbourhood. As the children reflect on how people in the community help others, they develop their sense of empathy, generosity and kindness.

Little Hands, Big Hearts

In an effort to promote empathy, to raise social awareness, and to support an understanding of the perspective of others, the children in this class have an opportunity to “pay it forward”. By supporting school fundraising initiatives and other community-related events, the children participate in classroom projects by executing thoughtful gestures for others. What an important foundational social skill for our next generation!

Imagination Station

Dramatic play is a critical part of any early years program. In this class, themes that include restaurant and supermarket corners, pet clinic and doctor’s office, set the stage for the children to practice their symbolic representation and re-enactment skills. Dramatic play opportunities encourage the children to put themselves in others’ shoes, developing creative thought and empathy, and strengthening language and social skills.

Dramatic Storytelling

In this class, the children learn the steps involved in story making, including planning characters, settings and sequence of events. As they record or re-enact their stories, the children consider the importance of tone and facial expression, they develop social skills, improve positive peer interaction, and strengthen the ability to focus their attention.

Take the Stage

Hosted by the Montreal Children’s TheatreTM, our young thespians embark on an adventurous journey of exploration and imagination.  Through a series of games and dramatic exercises, and dabbling with costumes, music and movement, the children are introduced to drama, theatre, and the performative art of storytelling.

Music Makers

This class is designed to engage the young preschooler’s natural love of music and to activate their imagination through music making, body awareness and body beats. Here, our little musicians explore a variety of musical instruments through games, rhymes and stories.

Mini Maestros

Our mini maestros enjoy singing and manipulating instruments as they accompany both new and familiar tunes. They learn to follow beats, rhythms and pitches, to match patterns, and to even create their own sounds. They have the opportunity to make their own instruments, which allows them to carry their music right to their home!

Wee JamTM

Miss Heather brings her innovative music program to Orchard House, offering lively music classes filled with songs, movement, props and instruments, all centering around our monthly theme. Throughout each session, children foster self-expression skills, practice gross motor movement, and discover the joy of creating music together.

Afternoon Activities

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