Afternoon Activities

Our enriched afternoon program complements the goals of our morning program by providing a variety of co-curricular activities for the children to choose from. These activities are directly linked to your child’s learning in the Montessori classroom, and allow all of those skills that have been previously introduced in isolation to be implemented and practiced in an authentic and social setting. It is in these afternoon activities that the children learn to pace themselves according to a group rhythm.

Our afternoon program offers a wide and alternating variety of activities that will allow your child to explore new skills and find new passions. The array of activities - offered by specialists both visiting and in-house - focuses on the development of the whole child, with a concentration on soul, body and mind.

Afternoon Activities

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Sortez vos crayons (offert en français)

This guided art activity provides simple, step-by-step drawing instructions that serve as a spring board to the children’s inner creativity. Leaning on our monthly school themes for inspiration, and following helpful hints and suggestions from the teacher, the children discover the tools that allow them to transform their guided art work into their own personal masterpieces. Our budding young artists are unleashed!

Orchard House Bites

A stepping stone to our signature “Petits Chefs” programme, “Orchard House Bites” offers children the opportunity to learn the artful skills of cooking before applying them to more creative recipes. In the comfort of the new, tailor-made Orchard House Petits Chefs kitchen, the children are introduced to kitchen safety, health and nutrition. They learn about the five food groups through sensorial activities (such as smelling, touching and tasting). In addition, the children have the opportunity to explore kitchen skills such as spreading, peeling, tearing and tossing. A wonderful culinary opportunity to create and be creative!

Les Petits Chefs

In their very own Petits Chefs kitchen, the children participate in making special dishes related to our monthly themes (e.g. fall vegetables, summer fruits, winter treats…). They also work on developing fine motor skills through measuring, pouring, stirring, mixing, and kneading various foods.  All young chefs get to eat / drink their work of art at the end of each class (allergies are always cautiously taken into account). Bon Appetit!

The Transition Room

For children still requiring a longer rest period before moving into afternoon activities, the transition room offers children the opportunity to nap quietly and then benefit from a customized activity.  Rest times and activities will be tailored to the group as they move out of this transition period.

My First Journal

This class allows the children to express their ideas, emotions and creative thinking through inventive spelling. By promoting vocabulary, literacy, fine motor and general writing skills, the children learn how their thoughts can be transferred on to paper. Each week, a new topic is discussed as a group and each child then moves on to work independently in their own journal, expressing personal thoughts through drawings, collages and theme-based embellishments.

Little Picassos

Through the use of storybooks and other visual aids, your child is introduced to various artists and their techniques. In this Preschool Picasso class, the children engage in drawing, painting and creating sculptures with the aim of further developing their sense of creativity and self-expression. Bring out your frames… your child will come home with some beautiful masterpieces!

Friendship Circle

Toddlers and young preschoolers tend to start off by playing on their own, and gradually develop an interest in playing with others. The foundations to building healthy friendships are laid in preschool, and children benefit greatly from specific, explicit guidance in this area of social and emotional growth. Our Friendship Circle engages children in interactive and collaborative activities that help develop empathy, collaboration and togetherness.

Mudpies and Sandcastles

What better way to welcome the week-end than to spend some time exploring the multiple opportunities for therapeutic and scientific play in the Orchard House Sand and Water Room! Both sand and water offer tactile experiences that can soothe frustration and negative feelings. They are also great tools that not only help develop language and scientific concepts in young children, but also encourage wonderful opportunities for creativity.

Music and Melodies

Songs, instruments and movement are a big part of Music and Melodies with Miss Christina.  Children will engage in interactive, age-appropriate activities that introduce early music concepts and that foster independence, social-emotional skills and language growth.

Sensory Exploration

Children will have the opportunity to develop their senses through various art projects and simple experiments.  They will create textured materials, explore sensory bins filled with different objects and use the Montessori materials geared for sensory development.

Afternoon Activities

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