Safety Above All Else

Our commitment to you begins by taking every measure to ensure that your child is both emotionally and physically safe when entrusted in our care.

An Emotionally-Secure Environment

Recognizing the great value of attachment in early childhood, we believe that a strong emotional bond to at least one teacher is an important part of your child’s developmental process. Securing such a relationship will provide your child with the loving support to explore, to play and to learn, but will also help to soothe in times of stress.

To ensure the development of a successful bond between teacher and child, we work on a steady separation process designed to the particular needs of each individual child.

Safety Procedures and Precautions

When managing our facilities, we take all precautionary measures to ensure utmost physical safety:

  • Our premises are monitored with a close-circuit television system, with cameras placed strategically around the school to monitor all access points into the school. They also cover all the common indoor areas and the outdoor playgrounds.
  • All main entrances to our purpose-built building are limited by a “control access system”, using chip technology to allow parents controlled access to reach their child’s classroom.
  • All of our staff is First Aid and CPR trained.
  • Our purpose-built building has allowed us to round the edges of each wall in our facility to soften any accidental bumps.
  • Every door in our school has safe finger protectors installed to avoid trapping.
  • We take a two-step safety measure when handling all non child-friendly materials (such as placing items both out of reach and under lock and key).
  • We implement a building evacuation procedure on a regular basis.
  • We are proud to have a pediatric nurse on staff.