Toddlers Twos

fostering autonomy

In this program, your child is carefully supported as they expand their knowledge of both language and motor skills.  This scaffold helps equip your child to further develop their autonomy and to continue to assert their character.  A genuine sense of pride will appear from this new-found sense of control of both self and environment.

In the Toddler Twos program, children are introduced to their school routine and to the Montessori “Work Cycle”, where they learn to autonomously choose an activity, complete it, return it to its rightful place and to move on to the next.

Our Orchard House Nurse visits the Toddler Twos classroom daily to stay connected to these fast-growing toddlers!

The learning environment includes shelf activities such as transferring rice with a spoon, pouring water into glasses, sorting beads and buttoning clothes frames. Through these simple yet repetitive exercises, the children learn to develop responsible work habits that will last with them a lifetime. Goals in this area include developing concentration, independence, as well as dexterity and eye-hand coordination.