Orchard House Events

With the aim of creating a supportive network of family and friends, Orchard House opens its doors and welcomes parents to a variety of activities. These range from inviting parents to accompany us on field trips, to attend special school events, to participate in “Week-end Wellness” Workshops, or “My One Night Out” speaker series sessions. The goal of these activities is to encourage the strengthening of community ties, the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the enrichment of family relationships. We look forward to you joining us at one of our upcoming events!

Friday April 2nd

Holiday – School closed  (NDG and Pointe-Claire)

Monday April 5th

Holiday – School closed  (NDG and Pointe-Claire)

Week of April 19-23

Earth Week – daily activities (NDG and Pointe-Claire)

Wednesday April 28th

Graduation photos for the 4s (NDG)

Thursday April 29th

Graduation photos for the 4s (Pointe-Claire)

Monday May 24th

Holiday – School closed (NDG and Pointe-Claire)

Thursday May 27th

Art Exhibition (Pointe-Claire)

Friday May 28th

Art Exhibition (NDG)

2021-22 Calendar – Montreal
2021-22 Calendar – Pointe-Claire