Afternoon Activities

Our enriched afternoon program complements the goals of our morning program by providing a variety of co-curricular activities for the children to enjoy. These activities are directly linked to your child’s learning in the Montessori classroom, and allow all of those skills that have been previously introduced in isolation to be implemented and practiced in an authentic and social setting. It is in these afternoon activities that the children learn to pace themselves according to a group rhythm.

Our afternoon program offers a wide and alternating variety of activities that will allow your child to explore new skills and find new passions. The array of activities – offered by specialists both visiting and in-house – focuses on the development of the whole child, with a focus on igniting a sense of balance, perspective, wonder, discovery and imagination.

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Afternoon Activities

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Nurturing curiosity and fostering a connection to the natural world.

OH Bites

Orchard House Bites offers children the opportunity to learn the artful skill of preparing healthy snacks using seasonal produce. In the comfort of the Orchard House Petits Chefs kitchen, the children are introduced to kitchen safety, health and nutrition. They learn about the five food groups through sensorial activities such as smelling, touching and tasting. In addition, our aspiring chefs have the opportunity to explore kitchen skills such as spreading, peeling, tearing and tossing. A wonderful culinary opportunity to create and be creative!

Earth Inquiry

Curious young minds learn to implement the scientific process through hands-on experiments and observations. They learn to ask a question, construct a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, draw conclusions and record their results. This Earth Inquiry explores the human body, properties of matter, the sky, the Earth and the weather.

Animal Kingdom

Calling all animal lovers! This class introduces the children to all sorts of creatures, from those we find in our backyard to those who live around the world. The children learn all about animal traits, habitats, and life cycles through the exploration of ecosystems such as the rainforest, the desert and the ocean. Just hop aboard and set off onto this adventurous journey… your children are sure to go wild over this Animal Kingdom!

Outdoor Adventures

The concept of “forest schools” that revolve around nature play are gaining great popularity in the field of early childhood education. The influence of nature is known to relieve stress, to help with attention span and to promote overall health benefits. As the teachers use the outdoor space to create intentional learning experiences and to host seasonal games and activities, the children will have the opportunity to heighten their senses, to spark their scientific curiosity and to deepen their connection with nature.

Green Thumb

Through garden play, the children learn about the natural world that surrounds them, acquiring science-based skills in a nature-friendly setting. As they roll up their sleeves, our budding horticulturists delve into topics such as soil, seeds, flowers and weeds. Caring for our very own Nutritower hydroponic gardening system, and growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs, the children engage all of their senses – touching, smelling and tasting the fruits of their labour. In the process, they increase their sense of empathy and their capacity to pay attention to detail.