Our Curriculum

Orchard House’s innovative, bilingual curriculum merges the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori together with the latest research on the benefits of both creative, self-directed play and of scaffolded, teacher-led instruction.

Recent research continues to highlight the crucial role of positive and purposeful early experiences in the development of your young child’s brain. The experiences to which your child is exposed therefore need to be carefully considered as your child embarks on his or her journey towards becoming a successful, life-long learner.

With this in mind, and with the ultimate purpose of instilling the foundational skills required for school readiness and later school success, we have created our signature Orchard House program.

Our morning program focuses on Montessori’s individualized approach to learning various concrete skills in isolation. Our afternoon program is group oriented and encourages the children to put into practice all those foundational skills in various structured and authentic settings. Social pretend play is incorporated into each day to complement the program and to maximize each area of your child’s development.

The Three Components of our Program


Afternoon activities

Our enriched afternoon program complements the goals of our morning program by providing a variety of co-curricular activities for the children to choose from. These activities are directly linked to your child’s learning in the Montessori classroom, and allow all of those skills that have been previously introduced in isolation to be implemented and practiced in an authentic and social setting. It is in these afternoon activities that the children learn to pace themselves according to a group rhythm.

Our afternoon program offers a wide and alternating variety of activities that will allow your child to explore new skills and find new passions. The array of activities – offered by specialists both visiting and in-house – focuses on the development of the whole child, with a concentration on soul, body and mind.

Educating the Whole Child

In line with today’s wellness revolution in education, we nourish each child’s creative flow, incorporate organic nutrition and instill mindful practice into our everyday routines.

We promote a healthy and active lifestyle so as to support and enhance our young children’s self-regulatory skills, both physically and mentally.

Our concentration on the development of self-regulation helps each child to reach their full potential as they explore foundational concepts essential for later school success. This, in turn, leads to an increased sense of self-confidence, an intrinsic motivation and a life-long love of learning.